Caroline Castigliano

Beaded Lace 'Atlanta' Topper

WAS $1,410.00 -  NOW $352.50

The 'Atlanta' topper, from Caroline Castigliano, is a two layered, long sleeve tulle topper with a beaded lace neckline (front and back), hemline and cuffs. There are 22 satin buttons with loop closures that run down the back with five satin buttons and loop closures on each cuff. Pearls, clear crystals and sequins decorate the lace, which has scalloped edges and an eyelash finish. It can be worn fully buttoned or just a few at the top and left open. 

  • Color: Ivory
  • Style #: Atlanta
  • UK Size: '12' (US Size '8')
  • Product ID: 103349

Stylist Note:

  • A couple small holes in the tulle lining in back on one side.
  • Buttons should run down the back of the topper.

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